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Lakeshore Vapors is your E-Cig Heaven! We have it all. Premium E Liquid, Smok, kangertech, Aspire, and many more. Stop in to our Muskegon, Michigan store or have it delivered to your door. 

View all "b" #8 -1 .15mm .15ohm .1mm .2 .3mm .5 .5 crown .5ohm .5ohm isub 0 mg 0 nic 0mg 0mg omg 0nic 1.0 1.0 pod 1.0ohm coil 1.2ohm 1.5 ohm 1.8 ohm 10% 100 watt 100watt 10L 10ml needle 1100mah 11L 120W 12L 1300mah 13L 14L 150 watt 1500mah 15L 15L16L 1600mah 161 16b 177 17L 180ml 18350 18650 18L 2 post 200 watt 2000mah 200w 2019 SK 2019sk 2020 20a 20g 20mm 220 watt 225 watt 225watt 230 watt 24 hour release 26650 2l 30 feet 30 gauge 30 watt 30% off 304 30a 30a40a 30g 30ml 30w 30watt 32awg 34 gauge 3500 mah 35mg 385 39 3d 3l 3mg 3pc SMOK V12 T8 Coils 0.16ohm for TFV12 Tank Atomizer 4' pipe 4.5 ml Fused Quartz Tank 40 40 watt 40watt 49er 4L 4ml 5 pawn 5% 50 watt 50 watts 50% 500mah 50mg 50ml 50w 50watt 510 510 battery 510 carts 510 charger 510 ego threading 510 tank 552 555 5L 650mah 6L 6mg 700mah 75mg 75Watt 808 808 batt 808 batteriersa 808 battery 808 charger 808 Clearomizer 808 ego 808 evod clearomizer 808 h2 808 twist 80watt mod 85 Watt 900mah ?mystery? a1 absolute pin adapter adapters adhd adjustable airflow aegis x aerotank aerotank mow aio aio rda air factory al85 Alien all in one all in onejoyetech aMAzing amazing mango amnis 2 kit amulet anarchist anarchist white anml apex apollo apple apple ave apple jam apple mango apple st aqua ar mod Arachnid arctic arctic turbo Aris aro 2 aro II artemis arterry artery aspire aspire plato Aster atlantis atlantis 2 atlantis coil atlantis evo atlantis glass atlantis mega atlantis mega tank atom atomizer atomo atomo v2 authentic auto battery avacado avp awesomesauce awt awtgolisi baby beast baby prince bacon bad drip bakery bali ban banana banana cream basal basalistick basal basic Batteries battery battery charger battery k box battery mod beach coasters beard berry koolaid berry sky best e liquid best innokin tank best pastry Best Tank biansi big baby tank Bird black friday blue mango blue raspberry blue raz blue razz blueberry blueberry donuts blueberry hotcakes bong boston cream bottom airflow bowdens mate bowl box mod brain freeze brains brass breeze Bronze Beard bt50 btc bubble gum Bubble pop bubbler buchshot burst burst duo butter cookie bvc cali Camage camel captain and coke captain e liquid car adapter caramel coffee carbon fiber cartel cartomizers cartridge carts castle long cat v5 cbd ce5 ceo cera rda Cera RDA By Tsing-Master Tech On Sale Cereal City Vapes cereal killa cereal trip cf 18650 changeling charger charlie chalk dust cherry cheesecake cherry sidewinder chilled coffee chilled milk chillum Chubby Bubble Chubby bubble razz cig2go cigarette ciglike Cinapple cinnamon toast crunch classic tobacco clearness ecig clearomizer Clearomizers clone cloud beast cloud beast coil cloud gimlet cloud stout cloupor clown coasters coil Coils coke e liquid Communications Computer Accessories Computers confetti confetti cake convoy cookie cool copper cosmic fog cotton cotton bacon cr123 Crazy Squares cream monster creamy milk creamy pear Crouching Tiger crown crown 3 crown coil crumbz crumbz drop cu aio cu aiod22 cuaio cuboid tap custard shoppe cuttwood Cyclone d22 dark horse deals and steals delta delta 2 device dill dino Drips dispo vapes disposable disposable pods dmok dna dna go Dolphine don doterra dots dreadnaught drink flavors drip tips dripbox dripper dry herb Dry Vaporizer dta dual coil duchess duchess reserve dug out duo e cig e cig battery e flavor e grip e hrip e liquid e liquid flavor E-Cig Brands e-Liquid E-Priv E-Smart e14 eagle tank ebay Ecig ECIG BAT ecig battery ecigs efest 18650 ego battery egrip eh Ehpro eleaf eleaf basal eleaf bsic eleaf ipower eleaf istsick electric electronic cigarette Electronics Electronics Accessories eliquid eliquid juice Elitar ello tank elysiab salt emma empty bottle entune epoch eroll eroll mac essential oil essential oil necklace etank etank s2 Evod Evod battery Evod c excision falcon tank fidget fidget s fidget toys Fifth Rank filling e- liquid fireluke five pawns flash flash light flashlight flavor flavor ban flavor nicotine flavors fluid blue freemax freemax starre fremax fruit sampler fuhattan fuma fyah ga Galaxy Reloaded gambit game changer mod gauge gct geekvape geekvape eagle geekvapes geode geyser gimlet glass pipe god 180 mod god mod god180 gold rush gov whitmer Grandmaster grape Grapefruit liqueur grapple great deal great subohm tabnk green mint green riau green roads Griffin grinder gs air coils GS Juni Tank gummies h2 coil hammer pipe hand pipe hand spinners hb 50w hcigar head banging boogie head shop Health & Beauty heatvape invader hemp bomb herb herb odor herb pipe high drain high nicotine hit that donut Home & Garden Home Town Hero hometown hometown hero horizon horizon tech arctic horizontech how bout those apples hybrid hype hype pods i love cookies I stick ice mango iclear iclear 30b iclear tank igo ijust ijust 2 ikonn total imr innokin innokin isub invader 2 invader 3 inventory 6-22-20 invoke ipv 4 ipv mini ipv mini 2 ipv vesta irish creme istick istick 30 istick 40 watt istick basic istick pico istick power istick poweripower istick Qc istick temp control istick trim istick trimon sale istickpico isub isub coil itaste ivg iwu Jelly john wayne joost joost muskegon joy joye joyetech joyetech coil joyetetch joytech joytech atomizer juice box junk's juppi just cotton jw k box k kiss k-kiss. k8t Kanger kanger battery kanger kbox kanger kiss kanger occ kanger t2 kangertech kanthal kanthal wire karat pod kbox keep it 100 keep it 100 salt key lime cookie killer kustard lemon kilo king's crest kiss kit kiwi kr808d-1 kroma lab laffy taffy lakeshore liquid Lakeshore Luxuries Lakeshore Vapors Lakeshore Vapors LLC lakeshorevapors LakeshoreVapors.Com Lancia laptop batteries lemon blueberry lemon zest li-ion lio ion lion Lion Head Lionshead little boy llost vape long lasting Looper lost fog lost vape lost vape disposable lue razz lueberry parfait lv liquid m pro mac tri-edc magic mist magneto main street Make an offer mana stick mango manker mao maramax marijuana mario cart marshmallow man Marshmallow rice square marshmellow man mech mod mechanical mod mellow ripe apples melo 3 melo tank melon melon e liquid menthol menthol omg menthol sampler mesh 17 mesh coil metal pipe mi mi pod Michigan michigan tobacco mig vapor milken berry Milkenberry mint mint flavor mint gum mints misc mix and match kits mix mod mixed fruit mixtank coils mod mod kit mod milk mods mojo more fruit flavors morph adapters motiv motiv pod mr salt e muddled mint musk muskegon must-have mystyery naked naked100 naulius nautilus aio nebox needle tip New newkiya kit ni ni 200 ni200 nic pack nic pouch nic salt nic salt cart nic salts nickel wire nicotine nicotine free nicotine salt nicotine tube nicr nimbus nimbus v3 nitro vapes njoy nord coil nord coils nord pod notch coil now available nugget nuport NX100 occ coil odor out ohm oil charm omg omg 0mg on sale one hit wonder one hit wonder premium eliquid at lakeshore vapors one hitter one liner open road optimus orgasim orion orion dna go ornate ovape p4Y pack of carts pain relief pangu paradox paraphernalia patch peanut butter and jesus Perpetual check Personal Care pesso tsnk pg pico pico baby pin up pioneer 4 you Pioneer 4 You IPV 2 Limited Edition RED 70 Watt pioneer4you Pipe pipe keychain plato plus pods pod pod mod pod system pod systems pods pointes shopping center pops post pot pipe Power powerwall premium premium e liquid Premium E-Liquid premium flavors premium liquid Prince tank private procore aries Propaganda protank 4 pterosaur puddin puddin king puff bar Puzzle Necklace pvtso q pro quad mesh Quasar queenside quit smoking rafale Rainbow road Rba Rda rdta real pod mod really berry really berryblackberry rebuilable Rebuildable Drip Atomizer replacement coil replacement glass replacement pods replacement wick resin glass Resin Necklace resistor revel rgc Rice pudding with cinnamon right handed rocket man room temp rosary rox e liquid rpm 80 rpm rgc rpm40 rpm80 rpm80 pro rta rubik rubix sad boy Sale salt salt naked salt e luquid salt friendly vaporizer salt nic sam mint sapphyre savage sax pipe sc 1.0 sense sextuplet sharper tier Sigelei sigelei mini Silly Rabbit single and dual coil single coil skittles e liquid Slipstream smell happy smnok procolor smoant pod smok smok aro smok coils smok E-Cig supplies at Lakeshore Vapors smok e-priv smok mag smok pod smok pronce smok rpm40 smok stick smok supplies smok supplue SMOK T8 SMOK TFV12 SMOK TFV12TFV12 T8 smok x baby smok x babybeast smokjoy smoktech smpl smy Snap Cracklin space jam space jam.parsec spearmint flavor spearmint gum spice spinners spool squape ssocc 1.2 starter kit steam sternberg stop smoking store strawberry strawberry jam cookie streek stumps sub ohm sub ohm tank subox mini subox nano subtank subtank coil subtank tc coil sv sweet e liquid switch mod t2 T200 t80 tamer Tank tank coils tank set tank.atomizer Tanks taptech tasty cloud vape TC temp control tesla tesla car tfv12 TFV12 COIL tfv12 prince tfv4 tfv8 tfv8 baby thc thc burner the man the sauce thermal ti .4ohm titanium tobacco tobacco carts tobacco flavor tobacco sampler tobakee tobecco tobeco top e-liquid top shelf e-liquid topbox mini touch pad Touch Screen toys Toys & Games transformer tria tria18650 tria18650505 trick tank triton. tron tron s tron t turbo turbo charge turtle ship twonk ud ud tank uf ugly ultimo uncle junks usa flavor usa menthol usb usb charger uwell uwell crown v2 v4l vacuum jar valyrian vanilla Vape Goons vape shop Vape Watch vapecell vapers vapes vapetasia salts vaping vapo vapor vapor cigarette vapor shop vaporizer vaporizor vapowire vct very cool Vesta vg vgod virginia slims vivi nova vmate voo poo voopoo watermelon wax we jar whipped cream wick wick n vape wicks Winston wire wismec witch doc wotofo x x cube x2 zalt zero gravity zero nic zero nicotine zombie squad zowie

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