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Sony US18650VCT – 2600 mAh

1: Sony US18650VCT5 – 2600 mAh – 30 A

The Sony US18650VCT 3, 4, or 5 all provide a maximum continuous discharge of 30 A, making them an ideal option for mech mod users who want to delve into super-low-ohm builds, but their capacities differ. The VCT5 has the longest lifespan, but the 2100 mAh of the VCT4 and the 1600 mAh rating of the VCT3 are still right up there with the competition. They use hybrid chemistry, so you get the protection from the safer chemistry with the added boost to the capacity that means you can vape for longer.

2: Efest 18650 Purple – 2500 mAh – 35 A


Pushing both the maximum amp-load and providing a notably high capacity, the new purple-coatedoptions from Efestare IMR batteries (Li-Mn), with 35 A and 30 A (2100 mAh) options available. Whether 35 A is necessary is very much questionable (hitting 30 A alone would take an extremely low resistance and produce humongous clouds), but the increased capacity puts it a step ahead of the competition in terms of wiggle-room.



Efest 18650 Purple – 2500 mAh














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