Aspire NX100 TC 75Watt Mod - White


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Perfection starts with precision design and development. The Aspire NX100 represents Aspires commitment to produce the very highest quality vaping products. The NX100 features refined lines and high-level design accents throughout the design. The five button system is ultra-intuitive with one-button navigation between Temperature Control and Wattage mode. To top off the superior design and ease of use is a premium finish which aesthetically is one of a kind. NX100 is set to change the accepted quality levels across the industry. NX100 - Next Gen Vaping.

The NX100 allows you to customize your mod with just a few button clicks. No firmware or connecting to computer required! Ease-of-Use is a key feature of the NX100. Change Logo function: Press ”T” and ”-” simultaneously for 2 seconds to enter or exit change logo settings. Press ”+” ”-” to select letters, press fire button to confirm, ”W” button to delete, and button ”T” to select between lowercase and capital letters. The NX100 also features Child Lock. Aside from firmware upgrades, all operations can be done with just a few click of the NX100 buttons.

The CFBP feature allows for heat ramp-up (power curve) to be fine-tuned. This customization can be made with just a few clicks of the NX mod buttons. There is no need to connect to computer to program settings making this function very easy to use. Firing button profiles create extraordinary flavor with no limitations on tanks.

The NX100 also comes with a 18650 battery adaptor sleeve. The 18650 adapter sleeve allows you to use the 18650 battery if you do not want to use a 26650 battery. Maximum wattage output when using the 18650 battery can not exceed 75W.

Brand: Aspire
Unit: 1 set
Size: Height 78mm; Width 45mm; Depth 30mm
Threading: 510
Shipping weight: 308g
Package: Gift box

Each set contains:
1pc NX100 Mod
1pc USB Cable
1pc User Manual
1pc Warranty Card

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