Candy King Premium E-Liquid 100ml

Candy King

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PINK SQUARES - Your favorite pink, chewy, square, tropical fruit flavored e-liquid!

PEACHY RINGS - An out of this world spot on peach flavored e-liquid!

BATCH - Your favorite sweet and sour flavored e-liquid.

BELTS - Delectable strawberry sour flavored e-liquid!

BERRY DWEEBS - Sweet and tart, Berry Dweebz!

LEMON DROPS - Your favorite mouth watering lemon flavored e-liquid!

WORMS - Mixed fruit, sweet and tart, sour flavored e-liquid.

STRAWBERRY WATERMELON BUBBLEGUM - A refreshing and juicy, strawberry, watermelon, flavored e-liquid.

SWEDISH - An award winning Swedish berry flavored e-liquid!

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