Czar Nic Tubes


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Czar Nicotine packs- Add to your 0 nic flavors- This is a single use Tube

Yellow: 0.9 ml Strength: 45 mg/ml
Green: 0.9 ml Strength: 90 mg/ml
Blue: 0.9 ml Strength: 180 mg/ml
Red: 0.9 ml Strength: 270 mg/ml
Purple: 0.9 ml Strength: 360 mg/ml
Brown: 1.8 ml Strength: 540 mg/ml
Black: 1.8 ml Strength: 720 mg/ml
Gray: 3.75 ml Strength: 1500 mg/ml Pack Size: 4 tubes (for Gray ONLY)

This is a highly concentrated, hazardous substance intended for dilution before use. Do not ingest directly. Wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when handling this product. If contact is made with the skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with warm water. Do not use a partial amount once the vial is cut open. Use the full recommended amount and promptly dispose of any remainder along with the plastic vial immediately.

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