How to choose a RDA that is best for you

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How to Choose an RDA

What is an RDA?

An RDA is an atomizer. Specifically, a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, also known as a “dripper”. The function of an RDA is to route electricity from your battery through one or more “coils” of resistance wire, which most commonly look like little springs. Fans of RDAs will tell you that they deliver the best flavor and huge vapor, providing you have built your coils rightly. With an RDA, you’ll build, or “wrap” your own coils, and fill or wrap them with a wick, most commonly made out of cotton. An RDA will have no tank, meaning that you’ll need to drip your e-juice on top of the wick as you go.

When choosing an RDA, there is so much variety available that it can be daunting. Here we will list some key elements that affect the quality of an RDA:

1. The Number of Post

The number of post will affect the coil setups. Generally, RDAs with 2 posts can only accept single coil setup; RDAs with 3 posts can accept both single and dual coil setups. And by this analogy, RDAs with more posts can accept more coil setups. More posts mean more coil setups, more coil setups mean more vapor. But an RDA with more posts, for example 6 posts, does not mean it will be a good RDA with following reasons:

A. RDAs built many coils will be overheated, unsafe for the users;

B. It will be inconvenient to build too many coils in the limited space;

C. RDAs with many posts but only a few coils are built, for example, only 2 coils were built in an RDA with 6 posts, the flavor might be changed out of the unbalanced airflow.

By the way, for some RDAs, there will be some pre-drilled holes on the posts, so that users can build coils easily.

So, please choose it wisely, never blindly for cloud.

2. Airflow Control (AFC)

The AFC function is an important function for RDAs. The airflow holes will affect the flavor & vapor amount. Generally, higher airflow = more vapor, and lower airflow = more flavor. The lower the resistance of your coils, the more airflow you’ll need, so if you’re going to be experimenting with different coil builds, it’s great to be able to tinker with your airflow too. But what makes a better AFC?

A. Comes with different sized holes or not. Those RDAs with different sized air holes will be a better choice, as they can be used by different people, whose airflow requirements are different.

B. The position of holes. Those RDAs with surrounded air holes will be a better choice, as the air can get in the atomizer from different angle so as to keep the balance of flavor & vapor.

C. The method to adjust the airflow. Those RDAs with airflow control ring will be a better choice, as it will be more convenient for users to adjust the airflow.

3. The Depth of Deck

RDAs with a deeper deck can accept more wick and liquid, and have a better heat control, so as to protect users’ hands hurting from overheat. But also, it will be inconvenient to carry if there are much liquid in the atomizer.

4. Contact Pin

The contact pins are the metal materials to conduct the electricity from the battery. Soin order to have a better conductivity, contact pins made from silver (or silver plated), copper are preferred, as the silver and copper are the top 2 materials for the electricity conductivity.

5. Heat Proof on the Top Cap

Those RDAs with top cap heat proof function can protect users’ hands & mouths. The features of heat proof: Finned top cap, Delrin insulator, Vault top cap, and so on.

6. Tank Capacity

The inner tank capacity should be at a reasonable size, as a too big tank will affect the collection of vapor, while a too small tank may lead to insufficient liquid burning. Some RDAs will add some ceramic material near the top cap, so as to reduce the inner tank but also to sink the heat.

7. Overall Appearance

Of course, the appearance will be an important element when choosing an RDA. Nobody will deny buying a more beautiful RDA with the same price, isn’t it?

In conclusion, those points are some general aspects that users will consider when buying an RDA, also there are some other points unlisted here. Off course, not all RDAs can meet all of the points as listed; you can choose some points which you mind seriously.

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