Kanger Evod C 650Mah Battery


$ 14.00 
SKU: 27E407

This is the newest product from KangerTech,changeable battery unit.This changeable unit presents the new trend of future.

Features make this battery unit stand out.
1-It is easy to use the battery unit. Screw the control unit on the battery unit, connect the atomizers or clearomizers on the control unit,use them as usual battery.
2-As no button on the battery unit, customers don't worry about the problem caused by the broken control unit, the lifespan of battery unit will be longer than usual battery.
3-EVOD-C 650mAh changeable battery unit has 3.8V constant output voltage which is different from usual batteries(3.7V),it will bring an excellent atomization.
4-When screw the control unit on the battery unit, the white led(only color) on control unit will blink three times, the whole unit is on, you can use it.Press the buttom on control unit 5 times to turn the whole unit off.

1-The battery unit comes WITHOUT control unit or charger,so it can NOT be used separately.It can work only with a control unit.
2-The battery unite can NOT be charged without the control unit.Screw the control unit on the battery unit,connect the charger with control unit.

Brand: KangerTech

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