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Kangertech has spent a great deal of time and money in researching and developing their first temperature control box MOD. Although the vaping community has been anxiously anticipating the release of the NEBOX, it has certainly been worth the wait. This magnificent vaping kit is one of the most remarkable and ingenious designs released to date. The all-in-one Kanger NEBOX has an integrated clearomizer coupled with a technologically advanced MOD, which is sure to please even the pickiest vaper.

The Kanger NEBOX begins with a solid aluminum body, which is the perfect material, as it is both lightweight and strong. Kanger paid careful attention to the ergonomics of the NEBOX, flawlessly curving the edges to make it extremely comfortable to hold throughout the day. The side of the device is fitted with the OLED screen and function buttons, while the bottom houses the battery and e-liquid chambers.

The Kanger NEBOX is a variable wattage device, with a wattage output range of 7W to an impressive 60W in 0.1W increments. With this wide span of available power, the NEBOX can be used with virtually any resistance atomizer coil. The ability to regulate the wattage is not only fantastic due to the customizability of your vaping experience, but is also very useful when alternating between e-liquids of varying PG-to-VG consistencies.

In addition to being a variable wattage device, the Kangertech NEBOX also offers temperature control and sensing as well. When used with nickel (Ni-200) or titanium atomizer coils, the NEBOX allows you to adjust the temperature of the atomizer coil itself from between 200° F to 600° F (100° C – 300° C). This is a truly magnificent capability, as it provides for cooler or warmer hits depending on your personal preference. Additionally, the ability to adjust the temperature of the coil helps prevent flooding and gurgling when using various e-liquids.

Perhaps the most brilliant feature of the Kanger NEBOX is the integrated clearomizer. Rather than requiring a separate clearomizer that must be screwed and unscrewed onto the MOD, the tank is built within the body of the NEBOX, providing for a clean, simple, and user-friendly device. The enormous 10ml e-liquid capacity ensures long duration between fills, further adding to the convenience of this ingenious device.

Adding to the versatility of the Kanger NEBOX are the various atomizer coils available to use with it. You can select between 0.3 ohm and 0.5 ohm stainless steel atomizer coils (SSOCC), or the 0.15 ohm nickel coils. Brilliantly, Kanger designed the NEBOX to accommodate the Subtank OCC coils as well. This is a wonderful feature, as it permits you to use the same coils you have for your Subtank with the NEBOX. Regardless of the coils you select, all of them are made using Japanese organic cotton. This not only provides for a much tastier vapor, but is also free of the impurities found in standard cotton, such as bleach.

Similar to the Kanger Subox Clearomizer, the NEBOX is a hybrid tank. This fantastic feature allows you to alternate between the pre-made atomizer coils and the included RBA deck, which permits you to build your own coils. This not only makes the NEBOX great for beginner and advanced vapers, but is also great for times when building your own coil is difficult or impossible to do.

Kanger placed the NEBOX’s OLED screen on the side of the device next to the fire button and adjustment buttons. The large and clear screen conveniently provides you with a host useful information. You can easily check the resistance of the atomizer coil being used, the wattage, the temperature, the remaining battery life, and view the duration of each puff.

Kanger intelligently designed the NEBOX to take one external 18650 battery (sold separately) rather than an internal battery. This was a great decision, as external batteries allow you to carry a fully charged spare in your pocket or bag. This way, you will never be stuck without a functioning vaporizer to use. The external battery is also useful because it affords you the ability to simply change the battery when it fails to retain a charge, rather than being forced to purchase an entirely new device.

From its beautiful aesthetic appearance, to its technologically advanced chip, to the plethora of features is provides, the Kanger NEBOX kit is one of the most impressive electronic cigarettes currently on the market. Designed for ease of use and versatility, the NEBOX is sure to please beginner and advanced vapers alike.

Note: Battery Sold Separately

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