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Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice

600mg CBD per bottle

This is a version of CBD naked 100 E-liquid series. It is a fusion of different lovely tropical fruit flavors. These tropical fruit flavors include lava flow, amazing mango and Hawaiian pog. The Naked 100 CBD vape juice currently has four popular flavors that distinctly stand out. These flavors are the lava flow, really berry, Hawaiian pog and amazing mango. The Naked 100 E-liquids has evolved over the years to become one of the most recognized products in the vape industry. This description outlines the amazing line- up of Naked 100 CBD vape juice.

Amazing Mango

Amazing mango is a blend of fruity, flavorsome mangoes with feels of peach and cream flavors also adding to its sweetness. Amazing mango in Naked 100 CBD vape juice makes it spectacular launching you into an experience of different rich blends of goodness. Amazing mango helps promote good health. It is rich in vitamin c and according to, it is an antioxidant and helps reduce oxidative stress.The free radicals it inhibits have also been linked to aging and other undesirable symptoms. The immune system is also at a big advantage with the consumption of Naked 100 CBD vape juice.

Naked 100 CBD vape juice is enclosed in a 30ml bottle and it is available in varying strengths; 600mg and 1200mg. Most of the flavors in Naked 100 products are natural flavors so it’s not really a surprise having the Naked 100 CBD vape juice being characterized by different fruity feels.

Hawaiian Pog

The uniqueness and pleasure derived from Naked 100 CBD vape juice is unrivaled. It is a burst of excellence in CBD featuring a number of passion fruits, orange squeezes, and life- inspiring guava. These flavors come together to interact in a single product to give unrivaled satisfaction. The mastery with which the Naked 100 CBD vape juice was made still remains a marvel. It is not only with its quality of taste inspired by the Hawaiian pog, the constituents of the Hawaiian pog also contribute to its nutritional value. The Naked 100 CBD vape juice infused Hawaiian pog has the credit of being able to reduce stress by promoting better sleep. It also leaves the skin healthy, wearing its supposed glow.

Really Berry

The rhythm of this flavor progresses along the chords of rich berry blends, blue berry, complex blackberries, harmonized with lemon sugar. This blend of rich flavors takes the taste bud on an adventure of good taste. Naked 100 CBD vape juice could be as well referred to as the earthly equivalent of manna. It was known previously as very berry. Every inhale will not cease to arouse your taste buds. It exhibits less tanginess compared to the lava flow. The really berry also has a touch of pomegranate blending into the vape juice. It’s the way to go for a refreshing CBD escape.

Lava Flow

Lava flow incorporated into Naked 100 CBD vape juice is a mix of refreshing coconut and pineapple. The blend is a perfect one creating an obvious balance of good taste. It is neither too sharp nor too dull on the tongue. the highly beneficial coconut fuses with the pineapple and strawberry to give an astounding inhale experience. Summarily it has a profile of coconut, pineapple and strawberry, nicotine levels of 3mg, 6mg and 0mg and it comes in the size of 60ML.


Natural flavors according to research natural have advantages. It has absent the harms that might be present in artificial flavors and the endless benefits in fruits that make up its different flavors. According to, natural flavors give our bodies information about nutrients for utilization.  According to, flavor also drives nutrition.

The advantages of Naked 100 CBD vape juice cannot be mentioned enough containing life giving constituents like coconut, strawberry, pomegranate, pineapple, mango, cream and peach. These natural fruity flavors synergize with the inherent benefits of CBD to ensure the most in promises of a healthy functioning body.  Here are a few highlighted benefits of CBD present in Naked 100 CBD vape juice.

  • It reduces inflammation
  • It restricts the growth of cancer cells
  • It relieves pain
  • It helps in treating fungal Infections
  • It helps promote the growth of bones
  • Its infused constituents also contribute based on their inherent nutrient value.

Naked 100 CBD vape juice has a brilliant taste, excellent nutritional value and exists in four different flavors. These flavors accentuate the benefits Naked 100 CBD vape juice and will definitely make you want more. it is advised that one keeps it out of reach and children because of its sensitivity.

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