Pvtso 18350 800mah battery pack of 2


$ 6.00 $ 12.00
SKU: 6958946200821

 The PVTSO IMR 18350 800mah High-Amp  batteries. Long life. 

What You Get: 2x PVtSO 18350 Battery Lio-Ion High Drain Battery


  1. Please remember to charge the new battery before using to protect the battery life.
  2. Over charge and discharge maybe lead the battery to be 0V
  3. The battery at 0.6V or over 0.6V can be activated by Efest LUC chargers
  4. Please do not remove/strip the transparent safety insulating layer from battery PVC as it can pose a danger. 

WARNING: Li-ion batteries are dangerous and can explode when used improperly. By purchasing this item you agree that we are not liable for any damages as a result from this product. Use at your own risk.

**Do not overcharge Li-ion batteries. Use proper battery storage when not in use. Do not store batteries in pockets or containers containing other items such as lose change or keys. Do not charge batteries unattended/overnight.

For advanced users only. 

Must have adequate knowledge of battery safety, use and handling before purchasing

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