Flavor Ban NewsLetter and important links

Flavor Ban NewsLetter and important links


We first want to let you know we are doing Everything we can to get as much information to the Public (our Customers) as it comes available. We have attached some important links for you to read and there are petitions you can sign. If you are unable to sign online, we can assist you with this.
What we know!
Under the state’s emergency administrative rule imposed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services with direction from Governor Whitmer, the ban is to eliminate all online and retail sales of flavored vape products in the state, with the exception of tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes.

UPDATE- The Emergency rules have been filed! 

Right now, while we are investigating this ban, and understanding the rules, We are preparing to be compliant with this ban. 
We will have 14 days from today 9-19-19 to Comply! Now that the Rules have been filed
 with the Secretary of State's Office, It'll last for six months and then may be renewed for another six months.

What we are Preparing!
We will not be closing our doors due to this Ban! We (Lakeshore Vapors) are celebrating our 10 Year mark in November and plan to Continue this journey of providing our customers with their Vapor needs.  
At this time, we will be running sales on most flavors. We can order more if this falls through. We are asking if you need us to order something specific, to do so ASAP. 
We have attached the link to the Emergency Rules. Please read through them so you are prepared for the ban. (click on the Rules)

Where We started!
  We all started on Tobacco flavored E-Liquid (Those that started 10 years ago). We have a large variety of Tobacco flavors and are open to ordering more. Let us know if there is a brand you prefer. Our Top seller still today is our House Tobacco Flavors. Please stop in and check them out.
Hopefully this is temporary, and people do not go back to Traditional Cigarettes. Our hope is to Prove to the state that this is not the solution to prevent Young Children from vaping.  We have never sold to Minors and are against Youth Vaping!


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